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The RIO Club - Members Comments

I have met many financial advisors while based overseas having been exposed to their antics i was wary, what i liked about RIO initially was that they are not the middle men/brokers, that was the only reason I took the initial call and subsequent appointment.  I thought why not, i give it a try and invested $180k in gold to give it a try so far the gain is 30%which is fine.

However having met Bill on several occasions over the past three years his accurate predictions and trading skills has made him one of the smartest men I've ever met, he has a strong understanding of the markets and the RIO club which he founded over twenty five years ago has an impressive investment track record. "William "Bill" as I have come to know him has is very principled in his approach but creative in applying it, and he is supported by an excellent team analysts together they are always exploring areas of the market in a search for investment opportunity often uncovering a gem which has been overlooked by mainstream investment companies.

One example being virgin galactic, which lead to the launch of RIO 888 two months before Virgin Galactic was even listed on the New York exchange. The launching the 888 investment account prior to SPCE being listing had offered members such as myself the opportunity to get in early, right at the start and as a result I have gained over 116% since i invested in 2019.

--Steven Thomson (June 2021)

The RIO Club to me is a breath of fresh air, in a world where most investment products are touted by commission based brokers, investing is just made too costly, there high fees reduces chance of seeing growth especially in the early stages.

RIO products are offered direct, they have cut out the middle man, and as for the service what a difference, if you want to meet they are right there, in a word - perfect!

When compared to my other investment experiences RIO gains kudos for service when you call them they answer or call you back within the hour. But the big surprise for me was they delivered in year one, that's a first, previously I had invested with two other so call investment companies both produced losses in year one, in year two one was still in loss, the other had gained all of 0.7%. With RIO and no middle man taking his share, I have actually made an 11.2% net gain in the first year.

So I decided to review and evaluating my investments outside RIO. It was not so easy every time I called my broker he has been out of town, or when he has been here he couldn't meet for whatever excuse. Last week I finally got hold of him on the phone and when I asked about the poor performance he said it's the market, I asked what did he recommend doing and as expected his response was invest another $100k perhaps he wanted some more commission. I like to call a spade a spade, so asked do you get paid commission - give him his due he said yes. I then asked how much, he hung up!

With RIO my experience has been vastly superior to my previous ventures when you call, its answered and answered enthusiastically may I say. When you ask a question, you get a swift answer, when you want clarification on the product, you get the whole story warts in all, you guys are simply the best. It seem that this service ethic is standard to the RIO club, I have since met five other members all have commended the service provided, it just doesn't get better than that.

--David Finch (May 2021)

As Warren Buffet was once quoted “Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing”

RIO have a small portfolio of funds focused on the areas they clearly understand hence as an investor I see regular gains on my investments which keeps me very happy!

--M Forsyth

Dear Bill,

I wanted to send this email initially to question why the fund had lost 0.3% in April, I took this as a bad sign as it's the first losing month of year.  Since then I conversed with my wife she quite rightly pointed out that gold had suffered a loss in April, after some brief research I can see that this loss was around a 20% loss wow!

We have friends who hold gold directly had have been trying for sometime to get us to do the same.  Their holdings (which is not small) have now depreciated by a whopping 20%, thankfully, we did not listen to their advice on reading you reports.

I have to say my feelings on the fund performance in April changed somewhat after learning the facts of golds recent drop, 0.3% is much easier to swallow than a 20% drop that type of volatility is to worrying.  It is also comforting to know that our holdings are protected by your active fund management which of course we see on a monthly basis as the asset allocation information changes which was pointed out to us when we first came on board.

I look forward to seeing this months performance!


--Jim Robertson

Bill and the RIO team,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note on my resent Silver Trades , based on the information the Rio club gave to its members earlier in the year , I took additional interest in precious metals and in particular Silver, I have read several articles and even books on the subject, which confirmed what the rio club has being saying, based on this knowledge I purchased Silver Bullion in August this year (2012), to date I have made 20% return in one month on the back of Bill’s predicted silver rally, while I understand that Silver prices will be volatile, the general trend is upward and many experts now seem to agree with Bills predictions some expectations are that it will exceed 50USD per ounce within the next six months and they seem founded.

Thanks for putting me on the right track

--R Swan

"I have been a member of the RIO Club since 2003 and seen the club expand significantly over the years.

It is reassuring in these days of uncertainty that there are still those who deliver exactly what they say, the founder of the RIO Club William Gray certainly does so.

Having been an expatriate and met thousands of people in business over my working career William is in my experience a rare breed, he is a man of integrity.

In my experience as a RIO Club member this is perhaps the most important part of being a club member, the staff at RIO also stand on their word it seems that William has set the standard which has been closely adopted by his staff.

Having their own funds is an advantage rather than promoting someone else’s products as all staff are extremely familiar with each product this is useful as one gets a answer on almost any query swiftly. Since I was considering retirement when I became a member I was not interested in mutual funds, I was looking for an income product. As such invested in the RIO fixed income bond some months before retiring during 2003, the bond has provided me with a very valuable source of income for nearly ten years. It has done what it was designed to and returned me the fixed income I required since my retirement.  Having enjoyed the income for many years, I have now cashed in this bond and taken my capital back for personal reasons.

That said I have since decided to reinvest part of the capital taken with the club once again."

--John O'Reilly

I became a member of the RIO Club in November 2010 with an initial investment of $100,000 which remains invested in RIO Professional investors Fund. I was informed that the target return of this fund is 12 % per annum. Rob the membership consultant predicted that the fund manager would very likely produce a return in excess of this target. Just as predicted the fund has outperformed, in fact in the few months since I invested it has outperformed all my other investments as such I have invested further. This initial experience is a far cry from my previous investment which was overseen by my broker. Glad to be on board. 

--Dr. Michael Watts

“Having been a member of the RIO Club for the past 23, in my opinion the Club has done well, both in terms of growth in funds under management and fund performance. These are two things in particular that appeal, one is that the Club works on a referral only Basis no cold calling – and secondly that you are assured of the benefits of having a prudently managed investment portfolio.”

--Dr. Scott Younger OBE

"Over 23 ago I became a member of the Club. One particular investment made in the RIO Property Group Ltd produced excellent returns suprisingly in a very low risk investment category. I was very pleased with the return, which was exactly as promised from the outset. My original investment having increased by over 30%, this was a no risk to capital investment thus an excellent return. Joining the RIO Club has been an informative and profitable experience in my point of view.”

--Dr. Robert Park

"Having lost money following the recommendations of Barclays Bank, I decided to become a Club member 14 years ago. Remarkably all market predictions made to by the Club over this period have been correct. Furthermore the investment opportunities offered by the RIO Club are not available in the general market. Recently I had one investment mature with a net gain of 39% in 4 years. I consider this a more than acceptable return."

--Alexander MacFarlane OBE


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