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  Pacific Media Entertainment

The management team of Pacific Media & Entertainment (PME) has over 25 years of experience in Hollywood. PME management has been active in all aspects of film production both at the studio level and as independent producers. Our experience both at the studio level and as independent producers is second to none. PME expertise covers all the critical areas of film making including production, distribution and financing.

Over the past decade films that have been overseen, developed, produced or distributed by the management team of PME while serving as President of Worldwide Production and as President of Worldwide Distribution at Sony Columbia TriStar or as independent producers include Men In Black, Wild Wild West, In The Line Of Fire, Get Shorty, Ricochet, Anaconda, The Fifth Element, Sleepless In Seattle, A Few Good Men, Terminator II, Sense and Sensibility, Jerry Maguire, My Best Friend's Wedding and Erin Brockovich.

Other films produced by the management as independent producers include Like Mike, Big Trouble starring Tim Allen, Lady Killers starring Tom Hanks, Hide and Seek starring Robert De Niro and My Bollywood Bride starring Sex in the City's Jason Lewis.

PME was formed to take advantage of the expertise of its principals and to establish an asset based company. Their business plan called for them to produce 15 films over a 5 year period.


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